Play L2 Imperial
Master Class ch.3

Opened from 09/09/22

The server has the following rates:

EXP/SP: x1000;
Adena: х100;

Community Board

Comunity Board has all things for comfort game : buff, merchant, services, premium account etc.

Fast equip

On our PvP high-rate server you have lots of ways to make your equip fast in special farm locations and on server's events.

Play L2 Imperial
Master Class ch.3

Grand Opening at 10/03/2023 20:00 (UTC+3)

The server has the following rates:

EXP/SP: x10;
Adena: х10;

Community Board

Premium Account, World Trade, Einhasad Store and more.


On our server you will develop your character as on the official server but with increased rates.

0 Races
0 Unique Classes
0 Working Hours

About L2 Imperial

To Our Server

What's an empire?
What immediately comes to mind is either
«Star Wars» plus MMORPG, or that
Forgotten school lesson of history of the ancient world
Someone's laurel wreath – and that's more or less it...
Ah, wait, there's more
You can hear an even louder «empire» word
When there are conversations, disputes and debates
Fights for territory, wars, quarrels and tension
There's so much coolness, bragging, blood and smolder in this word
But I’ve never done well at Latin in school
I think the word meant «control»
Beria, Tiberius, Marcus Aurelius. Someone, what's an empire?
The dead don't care for polemics
Where is Napoleon, the Mongols, the Sumerians today?
And the thousand-year Reich stood for only an instance
I call something else an «empire»:
Something a dreamer and an entrepreneur believe in and raise
And it grows out of an idea:
The root and stem are covered with a concrete plate, but the flower frees itself from the shade
And for every such story there's an empire
And we didn't repeat and follow, nor in a choir we sung, or used any templates
Instead, we wanted to rub their noses in it
On a beaten path, when everything's ready is easy
But you won't gain an empire, the history won't notice it
We're self-made, that's why they bode to us

Empire's not important, important is it being from scratch
On the basis of DIY and nothing to start with
My starting capital is those who I started with
Not everyone builds an empire. It’s important to build an empire
But make it yours, or someone else will build it instead
Who? Some authority or a local prince; and to an
Extent that these strategists deftly divide us on Kongo, Liberia,
On spheres of influence, spit confidently!
And start your own empire

Become a powerful warrior

New class — the Death Knight

New class

Sigel Death Knight

Cursed by the Fire Dragon Valakas, Sigel Death Knight has gained terrifying power. Special skills — auras — make him a trusted companion as well as a mighty fighter. Switch between Auras of Restraint and Fury to achieve the best results during a battle.

Cursed Weapon

Unique Cursed Weapons system. Pick up the sword, get power and get reward in the end of sword's life.

Tower of Insolence

Now it’s a dimensional hunting zone! Challenges await in the tower once erected by Emperor Baium. Encounter an elite monster on each floor and join the Slaughter Bathin raid at the end. Compete with others for valuable resources and equipment.

Gather Friends

Find battle comrades in the recruiting section on discord channel.

Premium Account

Select your desired period of subscription.

1 Week Premium

3 Get Started

Enjoy All The Features

  • XP/SP +100%
  • Drop Rate +50%
  • Drop Amount +50%
  • Adena Amount +50%

1 Month Premium

10 Get Started

Enjoy All The Features

  • XP/SP +100%
  • Drop Rate +50%
  • Drop Amount +50%
  • Adena Amount +50%

3 Months Premium

25 Get Started

Enjoy All The Features

  • XP/SP +100%
  • Drop Rate +50%
  • Drop Amount +50%
  • Adena Amount +50%

Streams & Media


*Donations you make are used for hardware upgrades, maintenance, monthly fees that the server(s) require. Donations are not refundable. Donation is completely voluntary and unnecessary to play.
*Donation Bonus - 100€ +25% / 200€ +30% / 300€ +35% / 400€ and more + 40%
*Bonus will be mailed in 24h after donation.

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