What's an empire?
What immediately comes to mind is either
«Star Wars» plus MMORPG, or that
Forgotten school lesson of history of the ancient world
Someone's laurel wreath – and that's more or less it...
Ah, wait, there's more
You can hear an even louder «empire» word
When there are conversations, disputes and debates
Fights for territory, wars, quarrels and tension
There's so much coolness, bragging, blood and smolder in this word
But I’ve never done well at Latin in school
I think the word meant «control»
Beria, Tiberius, Marcus Aurelius. Someone, what's an empire?
The dead don't care for polemics
Where is Napoleon, the Mongols, the Sumerians today?
And the thousand-year Reich stood for only an instance
I call something else an «empire»:
Something a dreamer and an entrepreneur believe in and raise
And it grows out of an idea:
The root and stem are covered with a concrete plate, but the flower frees itself from the shade
And for every such story there's an empire
And we didn't repeat and follow, nor in a choir we sung, or used any templates
Instead, we wanted to rub their noses in it
On a beaten path, when everything's ready is easy
But you won't gain an empire, the history won't notice it
We're self-made, that's why they bode to us

Empire's not important, important is it being from scratch
On the basis of DIY and nothing to start with
My starting capital is those who I started with
Not everyone builds an empire. It’s important to build an empire
But make it yours, or someone else will build it instead
Who? Some authority or a local prince; and to an
Extent that these strategists deftly divide us on Kongo, Liberia,
On spheres of influence, spit confidently!
And start your own empire

And here ends the small prologue and the concept of what and who we are. We are the Empire; we are the ones who want to play our game and want it to be played in. Where there is no dull grinding, where there are no over exaggerated donations, where the main feature, the LIGHTHOUSE of our server is FUN, a lot of FUN.
What can I say about us? We were players, just like you, ran around a bunch of free shards, sometimes got fun, donated like most, played for a month, and left because the server died. And at some point, we got tired of it, we wanted to build our EMPIRE as we would like it, to do what would bring us pleasure, and the main thing for us is that the players get fun from the game.

How do we see the server? And what do we want? The first thought for everyone is something like make fast money and ride off into the sunset. Actually, it takes us the average salary in the country to maintain the server and to buy new software and we are ready to invest and upgrade all the time, if the income from the server allows us to go to 0.0000, we will be happy. And if it ends up in the red, we don't care, the main thing is that everyone likes what we made and it is comfortable to play.

In our small team there are players of both high-rate and low-rate servers.
Therefore, two types of servers will be waiting for you: start with high-rates and then low-rates, but what does this mean? Each server will have its own unique concept. I can say right away that on high rates you will find a lot of features that you saw on other servers, but on our server we tried to gather everything that we liked in other projects and bring it to one project. And we will do our best trying to improve everything we can get our hands on and implement everything what we will come up with and what the players will advise us.

How do we see our EMPIRE? I don’t want to brag like others that “WE ARE A UNIQUE SERVER” “WE HAVE SOMETHING YOU’VE NEVER SEEN” “WE HAVE PTS BUILD” “WE HAVE 100500 DEVELOPERS” “WE HAVE 1kkkk BACKS IN ADVERTISING”. Our EMPIRE is a project created by players and for players for maximum fun in the Game.